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So....when did the rating for the comic go up? Or has it always been this high and I just never noticed until now?
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I cant access girly site :< Dawwww i was reading old chapters.
Im being redirected to some... site with a poo as logo. lol. POODA

WTF. Is this happening to someone else ?

Edit: lucky people that celebrate aprils fool :(
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Otra Icons

I was reading my favorite part: Chapter 7 - The New Design
And i made some icons of Otra. What i like a lot about this character is Otra and Marshmallow kitty side stories :) Kitty Euphoria and Otra´s design.

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Hi my name is Billy Mays and I'd like to say that this is so easy, even your children can use icons!

Hey! You there! Don't you wish you had something to show your appreciation for Girly? I don't know.. maybe something like.. an icon?

Well lucky for you, since I've got a lovely bunch of icons right here! Take what you want, it doesn't matter much to me, but make sure to credit superhappy/Josh Lesnick for his amazingness.

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Also, if I fail at HTML and the icons aren't showing up, someone please tell me? (or if this isn't allowed in the comm. I'd like to know if I'm breaking rules or something..)