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Chapter 15-4 Thread

I hope y'all enjoyed the kitty story.

I think I've had my fill of cats for quite a while.

If I could go back and do things differently, I'd have given the kittens distinctive designs while still being marshmallowy. It didn't even occur to me until I started drawing these comics that now that the kittens are about a year old and have grown a little, it may be hard to tell who the mom is.

For the record, for those still confused:
The kittens are a year old, and not fully grown yet, so they're all slightly smaller than mom.
EXCEPT for Mongo, the giant Marshmallow Kitty. He's not fully grown either, so who knows how big he'll end up.
The dad cat first appeared here.
Marshmallow started showing signs here and the kittens were born here.
The kitten that took after the dad first appeared here and it followed Dr. Lucy home and subsequently became her pet starting here.
In addition, we see that one of the kittens became Coll and Sandra's pet here.

Ha ha, all those notes and back-referencing just for the silly little mascot character. And I wonder why I have trouble getting new readers!

Anyway, got any comments on 15-4 or any other parts of the Chapter so far? Post them here!

The Stages of Chapter 15

15-2 will be about motherhood
15-3 will kinda be similar to that one Futurama episode, but I'm doing it anyway and I hope people don't mind
15-4 will be meow
15-5 will be about corruption in the police force
15-6 will have the girls looking for something really important
15-7 will ???????
15-8 will (I'm not going to make that South Park reference here really guys it's getting old)
Josh 2010


When I made a post on the site about the community, it would have been a good idea to think of a post to make on it, but I'm pretty much drawing a blank here.

The current chapter will be kinda long and pretty action-filled, but it'll also have some... ohh, I don't want to give too much away.

I hope to crank it up to 5 pages a week soon, but I need to figure out how to make my brain do that. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

And in any case, everyone please enjoy. I'm writing this chapter for everyone who ever gave this comic a shot, old and new.
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Chapter 14

This is kind of a placeholder post for now. But basically I'm trying to revive this LJ community for the 56th time.

I finished another chapter of Girly, the 14th one. If you got any general questions or comments.

Post 'em now!
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I drive trucks

Hey preorderers and others who might be interested. The shirts are getting pretty close. I did the press check today and took home a few samples.

I already got a compliment on it!

Also, I plan to shave within the next couple days, before anyone asks.